Debriefing, Susan Sontag (LP) (1979)


Tunings, Buckminster Fuller (LP) (1979)


Hotel, edited by Reese Williams (1980)


Of Walking in Ice, Werner Herzog (1980)

Apparatus, edited by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1980)

Boiling Coffee, Richard Nonas (1980)

Screenplays, Werner Herzog (1980)

Ktaadn, Henry D. Thoreau (reprint 1980)


Eating Through Living, Jenny Holzer & Peter Nadin (1981)

Fassbinder, edited by Wolfram Schutte (1981)

Figure-Eight, Reese Williams (1981)

Dictee, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1982)

The Un/Necessary Image, edited by Peter D’Agostino & Antonio Muntadas (1982)

Satyagraha, Constance DeJong & Philip Glass (1983)

Why I Go to the Movies Alone, Richard Prince (1983)

A Pair of Eyes, Reese Williams (1983)

Still Life, Peter Nadin (1983)

Precario/Precarious, Cecilia Vicuna (1983)

Transmission, edited by Peter D’Agostino (1985)

Geechies, Gregory Millard (1985)


John Heartfield: Art and Mass Media, Douglas Kahn (1985)


Wild History, edited by Richard Prince (1985)

Fire Over Water, edited by Reese Williams (1986)



Tanam press was the project of Reese Williams from 1979-86 in New York, NY.



The word tanam is related to the Sanskrit Anantam twan meaning “endless, thou.” The “endlessness” reflects in a way of reciting chant which involves breaking up of a text into syllables and the continuous reordering of them in all combinations, both as a means of obtaining mastery over the sound system of the chant and of acquiring insight into the truth within the text. There is a point where movement ceases, where sound returns to Silence, where the active individual melts into the great tradition.